HVS Portal

HVS Portal is designed to guide advisors through a simple profiling process which will produce accurate healthcare and long-term projections for a client. An advisor inputs the client’s responses to a few questions such as age, gender, health, income range and state of residence (in retirement).

A personalized expense report is instantly created which includes:

  • Longevity Projections: Based on the client’s answers to key health questions, life expectancy is calculated.
  • Medicare Projections: “What if” scenarios can be run in real time, allowing clients to see the cost differences in the options they have selected.
  • Health insurance cost calculations, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Long-term care options, by metro area.

Once the expenses for health insurance and/or long-term care have been calculated, a variety of possible funding sources is presented to cover these costs.

Software Used:

  • Sketch