A weekly periodical of my explorations in art & design.

Study: Minimal E-Commerce 1

Being it’s October (my favorite time of year), I have recently started looking for strong stock photos that fall into the “Autumn” category. When I stumbled upon this photo I instantly loved the composition and color palette. It was just perfect for a minimal...

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Study: Animal Documentary

I have always been a huge fan of animal documentaries and thought it would be a cool concept for a web page. I wanted to go with an animal that had a lot of color for my design, and after browsing stock photos of...

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Study: Hair Salon & Spa

Designing a landing page for a hair salon has been on my short-list for a while now. My wife is a stylist by trade, which is an art form in its own right, and I have always felt that her industry could act as...

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Study: Fashion Lookbook

Lately I have been making a point to play around inside of Principle for Mac – an animation and prototyping application that I recently added into my UX/UI workflow. I have wanted to add animation to my design tool belt for a while now,...

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Study: Supplement Product Site

Recently I have been emphasizing strong photography in my designs. There’s a reason why applications like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are so popular. People enjoy visual storytelling. This is extremely important when it comes to product. When a customer arrives at a website or...

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