Study: Tourism Site pt. 1

Recently, I was admiring images of Japan on Instagram. In fact, I currently follow so many location-based hashtags on the platform, my feed is beginning to look like a travel blog. This is generally the first step for me when deciding where I’d like to travel in the future; looking at photos of the area, and watching videos on YouTube, preferably published by travelers who have been there. I want to get a feel for the atmosphere and culture, and there is simply no better way to do so than through imagery.

Here enters the problem that I have with most tourism sites – they’re too text heavy. Don’t get me wrong, all that information has it’s place in the process of planning a trip. When the time comes to actually book, you need to know details. But in the very beginning, I am more concerned with checking out some photos and daydreaming. Show me a handful of photos from the same city and suddenly I’m thinking that might be a cool place to go someday when I’m not so busy designing applications and raising a two-year-old.

This got me thinking of how cool it would be to visit a tourism site that was 95% image and video based. A place where I could do nothing more than browse photos as if I were on Instagram, only without having to continually conduct new hashtag searches. All the tedious work would be done for me.

Over the past week I put together an initial composition of what this site might look like, beginning with a single location – Japan. The landing page features the five most popular travel spots for easy access, while a visitor can also use the navigation and search features to explore deeper. I will be examining these in more detail as the weeks progress.

To view more in-depth images and details, or to watch the continued evolution of this project, you can check out my Dribbble page.

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