Study: Fashion Lookbook

Lately I have been making a point to play around inside of Principle for Mac – an animation and prototyping application that I recently added into my UX/UI workflow. I have wanted to add animation to my design tool belt for a while now, and a fashion lookbook seemed like a fun idea for practicing some transitions.

I elected to go with an Autumn theme; choosing an earth-tone color palette, and strong photography that captured the feel that was envisioning. The interface was kept as clean as possible in order to not detract from the main focus, which is the imagery being presented.

When it came to the actual user experience, I wanted the transitions to further enhance the overall visual interest. Text fades in and out, while product photography moves on and off the canvas from various directions. The effects were pretty simple to setup within the application, which was helpful considering I like to create quick prototypes and make changes on the fly.

I’m really pleased with the overall feel, so this may be a project that I complete in its entirety at some point. But for now I’m not looking to bleed my pockets on stock photography.

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