Study: Hair Salon & Spa

Designing a landing page for a hair salon has been on my short-list for a while now. My wife is a stylist by trade, which is an art form in its own right, and I have always felt that her industry could act as a fantastic source of inspiration for my own.

Upon doing some initial research, I discovered that virtually all of the small salons in my area focused on imagery of their salon, particularly on their landing pages, instead of what I felt seemed to matter more to their potential clientele: the hair itself.

For my design, I chose to bring the hair to the forefront, using a layout that was very minimal and focused, and a color palette that was soft and inviting. The primary call-to-action on the page directs visitors to make an appointment, while other navigation items allow potential clients to explore the salon itself, learn more about the stylists that work there, and view their services and products.

In a future post, I will be examining an inner page layout, as well as site transitions and other animated features.

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