Study: Minimal E-Commerce 1

Being it’s October (my favorite time of year), I have recently started looking for strong stock photos that fall into the “Autumn” category. When I stumbled upon this photo I instantly loved the composition and color palette. It was just perfect for a minimal e-commerce page, targeting young women.

Sampling the colors from the image (which I already loved) was a no-brainer for me. They created a soft, feminine feel to the page that I felt was key to its overall impact. I opted to go with a lefthand navigation bar, and a very simple search and shopping cart feature in the upper right corner.

After toying with the idea of adding a visual call-to-action beyond the main image, I ultimately decided against it, being a strong advocate of minimalism and simplicity when it comes to web interfaces.

This piece will be the first of a handful of minimal e-commerce pages that I plan to design, each with a different target audience in mind.

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