Study: Supplement Product Site

Recently I have been emphasizing strong photography in my designs. There’s a reason why applications like Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are so popular. People enjoy visual storytelling. This is extremely important when it comes to product. When a customer arrives at a website or views an ad, they should be able to quickly understand what the product is and what it can do for them without reading too much about it. Most people typically have very short attention spans.

For this particular product, I wanted to really drive this concept home using an image that was very target-market specific and showed exactly what the product is for: helping bodybuilders get the results they want.

The product itself is positioned front and center, easily accessible with no real need to travel away from the main landing page in order to make a purchase. From a color perspective, I decided to use a primarily monochromatic palette for the overall layout, placing the company’s brand yellow strategically across the page.

While a common trend these days is to implement long scrolling homepages with various sections of content, I decided to strip away most of the fluff and concentrate on the most important features; showcasing the product, providing email registration, and linking off to the company’s social media accounts.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. A full-size screenshot of the design can be seen here.

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